What word best describes a multitude of top international film and TV awards, all given tMugabe and The White African in the last year? A cluster of awards? A mountain? No- a pride!

Last night at a glamorous evening for the West of England Awards in Bristol UK, the film won a Royal Television Society Award for Best Documentary  for the Arturi Films Production in association with Explore Films, Molinare Productions and the Film Agency for Wales. Currently the film is available on DVD release in the UK, US and  following a successful cinema release.

Producer David muses, “It's been quite a year what with our BAFTA Nomination and Awards from  BIFA, PRIX ITALIA, GRIERSON, CAMERA JUSTITIA and an Oscar short listing to name just some, and all very gratifying for all of us involved in making it that so many people recognise the film’s achievements and the strong emotional reactions audiences have when they see it.  Mind you, can you have too many awards? I guess not.”

 Adds Elizabeth” It really a great compliment to everyone who worked so hard on achieving the film with us and the directors, Andrew Thompson and Lucy Bailey: its crew, post-production team, fixers in Zimbabwe and of course the brave Freeth and Cambell families and their lawyers who are at the heart of the film. "